tirsdag 8. august 2017

TransMock v1.3 released!

Version 1.3 of TransMock is out!

The major enhancements to this version are:

1. Support for BizTalk Server 2016 - finally the latest version of BizTalk server is supported! No breaking changes to the code, so all the previously supported versions of BizTalk server are still on. 

2. Distribution through Nuget - now it is even easier to start using TransMock directly from within Visual Studio! No additional installers! The distribution of the framework consists of 3 Nuget packages:
    - TransMock.Adapter - contains the mock adapter assemblies. Usually no need to install it directly as it is referred by the TransMock.Framework package and is installed automatically by it. However, if desired it can be installed stand alone;
    - TransMock.Framework - contains the framework assemblies, BTDF extension targets and refers to TransMock.Adapter as well as BizUnit.Core and BizUnit.TestSteps packages (BizUnit v5.0). By simply adding this package to your test projects you add all the required libraries to be able to quickly start authoring high quality integration tests;
    - TransMock.TestUtils - contains a single assembly that is used in conjunction with testing of integration flows utilizing dynamic send ports. This package is to be installed to your orchestration projects from which the dynamic send ports are used.

One thing that is eased with the Nuget distribution is the setup of the framework on the build server. Now all the dependencies are in a folder relative to the solution's root, so when the tests are executed on a build server they will simply work. Even the BTDF extension targets file is placed there so that the reference from the btdfproj file during deployment prior to the test execution would never break.
There is however a requirement to run the nuget package restore on the build server in the context of an administrator account. This is due to the fact that during installation the package GACs the adapter assemblies, as it is required with any other BizTalk assemblies. Otherwise the tests won't work on the build server as the mock adapter would never be properly installed.

I mentioned about no breaking code changes above, but bear in mind that from this version on there is added support for the new BizUnit v5.0. This means that some might experience that existing tests would still break and wont compile. Well look at this as just the right time to migrate your tests to the new BizUnit version. From personal experience this process is pretty painless and with the cool refactoring features in Visual Studio this task would be no brainer to most of you!

And finally, but not least, the project has moved to GitHub as codeplex is being decomissioned.

So hopefully many will find this version more user friendly and easy to use. In case of any issues please log those at the project's GitHub page. 


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